Agan, Amanda

Assistant Professor of Economics
Economics of Crime, Labor Markets and Crime
New Jersey Hall, Room 420

Celiksu, Sinan

Undergraduate Director of the Program in Criminal Justice
Teaching Instructor
Research Methods, Ethnography, Data Science, Computational Social Science, Right-Wing Extremism, Anthropology of Globalization

Desire, Mark

Instructor of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science Advisor
Forensic Science
Lucy Stone Hall, Room A353

Erakat, Noura

Associate Professor of Africana Studies
International Law, Humanitarian law, Human rights law, National Security Law, Refugee law, Critical race theory

Hirschfield, Paul

Director of the Program in Criminal Justice
Associate Professor of Sociology
School Security and Discipline, Criminalization, Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Reentry, Youth and the Police, Social Program Evaluation
Lucy Stone Hall, A349

Leon, Sebastian

Assistant Professor of Latino and Caribbean Studies
Crimes of the Powerful; State-Corporate Crime; Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice; Political Economies of Justice Systems
Lucy Stone Hall, Room A259

Martinez-Schuldt, Ricardo

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Immigration and Crime, Neighborhoods and Crime, Crime Victimization Reporting
Lucy Stone Hall

Miller, Lisa L.

Professor of Political Science
Public Law, Law and Social Policy, Politics and Punishment, Racial Minorities in Crime, Federal Criminal Courts
Hickman Hall, Room 406

Piehl, Anne M.

Professor of Economics
Economics of Crime/Criminal, Justice, Prison Population Boom, Patterns of Criminal Sentencing Outcomes
Immigration and Crime
Prisoner Re-Entry
New Jersey Hall, Room 407

Szejner, Robert

Faculty Student Advisor
Juvenile Justice, Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice, Correctional Education
Lucy Stone Hall, Room A351

Walen, Alec D.

Professor of Philosophy and Law
Criminal Law, Counterterrorism Law, National Security Law, Constitutional Law
Moral Philosophy
Lucy Stone Hall

Welch, Michael

Professor of Criminal Justice
Punishment/Corrections, Foucault Studies, Human Rights
Lucy Stone Hall, Room A357