The Program in Criminal Justice is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that blends a strong liberal arts educational experience with pre-professional instruction in the field of criminal justice. The program provides students with a rich understanding of crime and criminal justice in the United States and abroad. Graduates of the program are well-informed citizens on the topic of crime and justice, and qualified for graduate study or for employment as practitioners in a variety of legal, policy-making, and law enforcement areas.

The Program in Criminal Justice was originally founded in the 1970's as the Administration of Justice major within the School of Social Work. In 1998 it relocated to Lucy Stone Hall on Livingston campus where the Program currently resides today, and in 2000 the curriculum for the Program's undergraduate major in Criminal Justice--offered through the School of Arts and Sciences--was originally established.

Criminal Justice majors graduating from Rutgers University should be able to use critical thinking, factual inquiry, and the scientific approach to solve problems related to individual and group behavior. In addition, students should have an understanding of the legal, political, and policymaking processes that affect criminal justice systems in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Finally, students should be familiar with the institutional structures and latest developments in the field in order to engage in meaningful debate about current public policy issues.

We hope you will take a moment to look through our website to see what our program has to offer, whether you are a prospective student, transfer student, or a current student looking for information about our major, internship opportunities, career information, or just general information about course descriptions, syllabi, and course schedules (availabe under the "Course & Syllabi" tab).

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