Michael Welch published "Economic Man and Diffused Sovereignty: A Critique of Australia's Asylum Regime" in Crime, Law, & Social Change (2014) 61: 81-107.

Michael Welch published "Fragmented Power and State-Corporate Killings: A Critique of Blackwater in Iraq" (reprinted from Crime, Law and Social Change), in Routledge Major Works Collection: Critical Criminology (2014), edited by W. DeKeseredy and M. Dragiewicz. New York: Routledge.

Michael Welch published "La Reaparicion de la Tortura en la Cultura Politica: Siguiendo su Discurso y Genealogia" (The Re-Emergence of Torture in Political Culture: Tracking its Discourse and Genealogy) in La Tortura: Una practica estructural del sistema penal, el delito ms grave, (2014) edited by Gabriel Ignacio Anitua and Diego Zysman Quiros. Buenos Aires: Editorial Didot. (A new translation from "La Re-Emergencia de la Tortura en la Cultura Politica: Rastreando su Discurso y su Genealogia," Capitulo Criminologico: Revista de las Disciplinas del Control Social [Venezuela], 35: 471-505.)