01:202:311 Political Terrorism & International Law
Description: Analysis of diverse organizations using terror, starvation, torture, and murder for political objectives.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
Course Synopsis: Professor HINDS: This course is designed to introduce the student to a comprehensive analysis of International Law and the complex issues associated with attempts to control Political Terrorism. Students who complete this course should understand and be able to articulate both orally and in writing, the major impediments under International Law to eradicating Political Terrorism. Students will study the core theoretical concepts such as: Self Determination and International Law: Decisions of the International Court in Nicaragua vs. U.S.: The Wars of National Liberation and the Right to Rebel; The Legality of Humanitarian Intervention; International Conventions to Control Skyjacking; International Terrorism and the United Nations; State Terrorism. Students will also analyze from a regional perspective diverse examples of groups, organizations, and government’s attempts to use violence to achieve political ends.
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